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Dr Sam Jethwa's Masterclass Bundle (Facially-Driven Treatment Planning & Hand-Made Trial Smile)


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Full program description

Facially-Driven Treatment Planning Masterclass


Course Synopsis:

This course includes an assessment protocol of facial features, their relevance to smile design, and tips and tricks to create a harmonious smile design. Smile design should make the most of facial features, allow you to work with asymmetries and disguise them. You will understand how to make results more natural, rather than false, and elevate aesthetics to a new level, providing facially driven results. By creating an assessment protocol which involves the eyes, nose, midlines, and jaw structures, it will allow a far more aesthetically driven smile makeover. This class is recommended to complete with the hand made trial smile master class.


Course Aims:

-To be aware of a facial assessment protocol for smile makeovers

-To understand how the jaw, lips, eyes, nose, affect smile makeovers

-To understand hints and tips to plan veneers around facial asymmetries

-To select appropriate tooth shapes for individual face shapes


Course Objectives:

-Introduce facially driven treatment planning to all cosmetic dentistry

-Encouraging discussion with patients on limitations of treatment

-Linking smile design concepts to extra oral assessments

-Promoting a systematic facial aesthetic assessment


Hand-Made Trial Smile Masterclass


Course Synopsis:

This course includes the theory, planning, and hands on execution of the step by step workflow on how to create hand made full arch temp veneers using Luxaflow. Avoiding reliance on lab wax ups, which do not provide the most aesthetic results, and learn to take control of the smile design yourself. This training will describe the materials required, and break down how to design temporary veneers/crowns/bridges surface by surface. You will confidently be able to improve wax ups your receive, and design a temporary that allows lab communication more effectively.


Course Aims:

-To understand the steps involved in hand made temp creation

-To be aware of the material choices

-To understand the line angles, contours, and their relevance to tooth shape

-To become familiar with the use of burs and soflex discs for temp veneers

-To aesthetically treatment plan smile makeovers with a focus on harmony


Course Objectives:

-Build on an existing understanding of temporaries and their role

-Appreciate further the bespoke nature of smile design

-Value the hands on element, rather than reliance on technology

-Have a structured approach when it comes to temporaries and creating them directly